LakeFront Yoga  (Open seasonally May - October. )

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Lakefront Yoga  is a private studio set in an idyllic setting. The gorgeous location and focus on personalized yoga  make Lakefront Yoga a unique and unforgettable experience. Catering to all levels and abilities, LakeFront Yoga focuses on delivering expert instruction that is custom tailored to each student.  We’ve created Personalized Yoga... in a setting everyone will love.The studio is an addition to a private home, and is the perfect place to experience the peace and serenity of nature and yoga.  

What is Personalized Yoga? 
Personalized yoga is one that is completely tailored to your needs, abilities and desires. We customize everything from the time of day to the exact style, flow and pace that you enjoy. We care most about you getting all you need out of a class and look to ensure your needs (great and small) are met in a safe and peaceful environment. We look to help students deepen their practice, meet their personal goals, tap into the transformative power of yoga and leave feeling extraordinary. We even allow you to form your own small group classes and choose who you practice with at an affordable rate! 

Who is Vanessa Alfano? 
 Vanessa Alfano is the owner and primary instructor at Lakefront Yoga. After nearly a decade in TV news, she shifted gears and followed her passion for healthy living . She used her media experience to create Healthy Style Inc., a  company focused on health, happiness and well being. The company’s online publication HealthyStyleNY.com is a premiere resource for those looking to better their health and find out about events and products the foster healthy living. 

Lake Front Yoga is her latest venture, and was created after she fell in love with the power of yoga and the beautiful space where classes are held.  The first time she sat under the skylight cathedral ceilings and gazed out over the peaceful lake, she knew the space was meant for yoga and it’s beauty was meant to be shared. She truly believes the serene setting and direct connection to nature incredibly enhance the yoga experience. 

As a teacher she hopes to help students find the style and flow that allows them to tune into the transformative power of yoga. She believes that we each have very different needs and focuses on giving her students what they need through expert instruction, careful alignment and plenty of personalized attention.  She also uses connection to breath as a healing and energizing force, and embraces the mind, body, spirit connection. Her teaching goes beyond physical strength and helps students create balance, mental clarity, emotional well being and greater health & happiness in their lives. 

Vanessa  has been dedicated to yoga for nearly a decade and holds her Yoga Certification through School Yoga Institute which is accreddited by The Yoga Alliance.













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