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Personalized Yoga & Event Options 

 What is Personalized Yoga? 

 Personalized yoga is one that is completely tailored to your needs, abilities and desires. We customize everything from the time of day to the exact style, flow and pace that you enjoy. We care most about you getting all you need out of a class and look to ensure your needs (great and small) are met in a safe and peaceful environment. We look to help students deepen their practice,  meet their personal goals, and leave feeling extraordinary. We even allow you to form your own small group classes and choose who you practice with at an affordable rate! 

Personalized Class Options:

Private: The ultimate personalization.  Private classes are perfect for those looking for one-on-one attention and a practice completely customized to their needs. Whether  beginner or advanced, private instruction is a great way  to start or deepen your practice.  

     Semi-Private: Semi-private classes give added attention but still allow you to practice with another student. We encourage students to find someone who appreciates the same flow and style a when signing up for semi-private classes . 
$40/hour *

   Small Group: Want to form your own class? Have a few friends you’d love to practice with who enjoy the same style as you do? We love having groups come together to practice, and this is the perfect opportunity to have a yoga class how you want it and with who you want it! To fully appreciate the gorgeous surroundings (and each others personal space) we ask classes formed have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of  10 (except for special events).  
$20/pp per class*

Events: We  would love to host your next event. Enjoy our beautiful space and ask about our “Day of Wellness” and Day Retreat options. Whether celebrating a special day, appreciating employees or bringing together a unique group, we can cater to your needs

Yoga Teachers : Are you looking to do a workshop or special class? We’d love to host you and your students. Email us for details!

*Discounted packages are available. Prices subject to change.



Advance sign up required. Space is limited! 

Lakefront Yoga is only offering private and 
select classes for Summer2017


2017 special classes TBD

Want to form your own class? We do that! 
(see details below)

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